Naxos Mare is located just 500 meters from the famous beach of Agia Anna, a destination that offers all the amenities and will amaze you with the turquoise waters and the golden sandy beach.

Naxos Mare is located in Agia Anna, the most famous seaside resort of Naxos, just 6 km from the port of Naxos and a 10-minute walk from the unique and award-winning beach of Agia Anna. The entrance to the beach is free and at the same time there are points with organized tourist infrastructure and shops where you can enjoy your coffee, your food and your drink.

There is also a bus stop, a supermarket, a gas station, an ATM and car rental shops within walking distance of the complex.

Naxos at a glance

A fertile, imposing place, with primeval majesty, a place where fun, singing and dancing dominate.

This is Naxos.

The largest island of the Cyclades, with towering mountains, fertile valleys and enchanting beaches. With its long history, the major monuments and lively tourist life, it holds a special place among the other islands of Cyclades.

No matter how many days you stay in Naxos, there will always be hidden corners to discover, beaches that you still have not seen, towers and castles you have not visited.

Naxos Town

It is the center of the island, with its characteristic monument, the “Portara”, the imposing portico of the temple of Apollo, the “palaces” and the “Castle”. The town is full of life all year round with dozens of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Villages of Naxos

Touring the villages of Naxos is something unique for each visitor. Each village has its own unique beauty.

Apiranthos: It stands out from other villages with its dialect, traditions and customs and as it is believed, the residents came from Crete. There is unique architecture with marble streets with arches and picturesque squares with cafes.

Apollonas: The most developed tourist village of northern Naxos. The huge statue of Apollo lies a few meters before entering the village.

Argokoili: A small village, famous for Virgin Mary’s monastery.

Kalantos: The southernmost tip of Naxos which has a rich wetland and a special beach.

Moutsouna: The only natural harbor on the island.It is a picturesque seaside village in which there are still the old facilities of the air station which until the 70s transferred emery from the Koronos mines.

Filoti: the largest and most populous village of Naxos which spreads out on the foothills of Za.

Halki: One of the most beautiful villages with special attractions such as the Church of Virgin Mary, the Barozzi tower, and the historic Vallindras distillery.

The beaches of Naxos

Agia Anna: The legendary beach of AgiaAnna in Naxos, a natural continuation of the beach of AgiosProkopios is one of the most famous beaches of Naxos. It has many umbrellas and lounge chairs in front of the beach bars and restaurants, but in the location of the chapel, small sheltered bays have been formed which offer more peace and relaxation.

AgiosProkopios: The beach that has won the most Greek and international awards isAgiosProkopios of Naxos. Huge, with thick sand, it ends in a series of dunes and crystal clear waters that change color from blue to deep blue and blue-green. The beach of AgiosProkopios of Naxos is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds for the most part, but also has a place that is more relaxed and less crowded on the edge of the western part, where the chapel is.

Orkos: Shady trees and lonely bays with coarse sand on the coast and clear blue waters which are ideal for lovers of tranquility and isolation.

Glyfada: The beach of Glyfada in Naxos is a huge sandy beach on the southwest coast of the island. With dunes and shady cedar trees in many parts of the beach Glyfada of Naxos is ideal for swimming, fishing, water sports and beneficial walking from side to side.

Lionas: The beautiful beach of the namesake picturesque village and cove on the northeastern coast of the island. Wild beauty, white pebbles and crystal clear water, the beach is ideal for those who prefer peace and relaxation.

Little Vigla (Parthena – Limanaki): Is divided by a rock into two parts, the “Parthena” in the north and the “Harbor” in the south. It is ideal for windsurfing, and is considered the best beach in Naxos for kite surfing, since the bay is closed and the wind is suitable for jumps and flights over the coast of Naxos.

Plaka: With endless golden sands, clear blue waters and a view of Glaronisia and Paros, Plaka is essentially the natural continuation of St. Anna. Its trademark is the dunes that are formed on the back of the beach.

Aliko - Small Aliko - Kedros –Hawaii, Naxos: In the Aliko peninsula of Naxos, under the cedar forest, small coves that harbor beautiful sandy beaches with turquoise waters are formed. They are surrounded by dunes with cedar trees and with a view of the ridges of South Naxos, it is a quiet and exotic place available for everyone.